Ave Maria
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Pastor Gina Wind's grand enterance after performing Alyssa's Quince Anos Blessing Ceremony.Quince Años Blessing Ceremony Music
Use this sheet to help determine which songs you would like played during your Quince Años Blessing Ceremony.
 Quince Music Selections:
1. Pastor/Sponsors/Padrinos/
     VIP Processional
2. Honor Court Processional
3.  Quinceañera's Processional
4.  Presentation of Faith Gifts
      (very soft instrumental)
5.  Presentation of Remaining Gifts
      (very soft instrumental)
6.  Recessional
Music selections are
played while...
Pastor/Sponsors/VIP Guests enter  carrying Gifts that will be presented during the Ceremony.
Honor Court enters as couples and take their places at the Altar or areseated in the first row of chairs.
Quinceañera enters with her parents.
Expression of Faith gifts such as a Bible, Tiara, Necklace. Bracelet, Ringor Earrings are presented.
Additional gifts such as the Scepter, Parasol, Perfume, Watch are presented.
The Quinceañera exits with her Honor Escort, followed by the Honor Court, Parents, God Parents and Pastor.
Use this as a Worksheet to help determine
which songs you would like played during your
Quinceñera Ceremony.
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