Midsummer Night Song
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Planning Your Ceremony
Alyssa kneeling and Renewing of Baptismal Promises and Profession of Faith. She was then sprinkled with Holy Water.

Your Quinceañera Blessing Ceremony can include any of the following selections.

These are a guide to planning your Ceremony.
____  Gathering Words
____  Opening Prayer
____  Expressions of Gratitude by Quinceañera
____  Tribute to Quinceañera by Parents
____  Blessing of Gifts (Bible, Tiara, Cross, etc)
____  Scripture Reading
____  Ceremony of Three Roses
____  Renewal of Baptismal Promises
____  Profession of Faith
____  Communion or Baptism
____  Lord's Prayer
____  Presentation of Gifts
             ____  Tiara:  Princess, daughter of God    
             ____  Bible:  God's Word
             ____  Cross:  Sacrifice of Jesus
             ____  Rosary:  Faith through Prayer
             ____  Scepter:  Authority
             ____  Earrings:  Listen to God's Word
             ____  Necklace:  Yoked to Jesus
             ____  Bracelet:  Circle of God's love
             ____  Watch:  Time dedicated to God
             ____  Ring:  Commitment to Purity
             ____  Perfume:  Prayer & Worship
             ____  Parasol:  God's Refuge
             ____  Last Doll:  End of Childhood things
             ____  Bouquet:  Consecration to Mary
____  Quinceañera Blessing
____  Changing of Shoes
____  Presentation of Miss Quinceañera

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