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Desiree's Charra Quinceanera Ceremony

Welcome Miss Quince! 

My name is Pastor Gina Wind.

It is becoming more acceptable to have your Quinceañera ceremony outside of church and at your Reception Venue.  

However, sometimes a Minister will not perform these services outside of Church. This is where I come in.

There are many advantages to having your Quinceañera Blessing Ceremony at your Reception Venue.

  • Your Quinceañera Blessing Ceremony will be dedicated and focused on YOU only and not shared with a group of other Quinceañeras.
  • You can have a Christian Quinceañera Blessing Ceremony.
  • Your Quinceañera Blessing Ceremony can be held on any day of the week or time. No more waiting for hours between the ceremony and the Reception start time.
  • You decide what to include in your Ceremony and what Quince Gifts you would like presented.
  • You are not limited to the number of people in your Honor Court.
  • Photography and Videography are welcome.
  • You may have contemporary music played for your Quinceañera Blessing Ceremony that reflects your personality.
  • There is no traveling from the Church to the Reception Venue. Everything is held in one location and the Reception can start right away.

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