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Planning Your Ceremony

Your Quinceañera Blessing Ceremony can include any of the following selections.

These are a guide to planning your Ceremony.

____ Gathering Words

____ Opening Prayer

____ Moment of Silence (Optional)

____ Thank You Speech by Quinceañera

____ Speech to Quinceañera by Father

____ Speech to Quinceañera by Mother

____ 1st Scripture: Old Testament Reading

____ 2nd Scripture: Responsorial Psalm

____ 3rd Scripture: Gospel Reading

____ Blessing of the Gifts (Bible, Rosary, Cross, etc)

____ Ceremony of Three Roses

____ Presentation of Kneeling Pillow

____ Profession of Faith

____ Sign of the Cross (Anointing)

____ The Lord's Prayer

____ The Sign of Peace

____ Quince's Prayer of Consecration

____ Consecration to the Virgin Mary

____ Presentation of Gifts

____ Tiara: Princess, daughter of God
____ Bible: God's Word
____ Cross: Sacrifice of Jesus
____ Rosary: Faith through Prayer
____ Scepter: Authority
____ Earrings: Listen to God's Word
____ Necklace: Yoked to Jesus
____ Bracelet: Circle of God's love
____ Watch: Time dedicated to God
____ Ring: Commitment to God & Family
____ Perfume: Prayer & Worship
____ Parasol: God's Refuge
____ Last Doll: End of Childhood things
____ Bouquet: Consecration to Mary

____ Kneeling Pillow: Humility

____ 4th Scripture Reading

____ Affirmation of Honor Court

____ Prayer for Miss Quinceañera

____ Presentation of Miss Quinceañera

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